What Is Food Chain?

Similarly, What is food chain short answer?

The flow of nutrients and energy through an ecosystem is described by a food chain. Energy is first produced by plants at the most fundamental level, and then it is used by higher-level species like herbivores. Energy is then transmitted from one carnivore to the next when they consume the herbivores.

Also, it is asked, What do food chain means?

Who eats whom in the wild is described by the food chain. Everything that is alive, from microscopic algae to enormous blue whales, depends on food to thrive. Energy and nutrients may go through the environment along any number of food chains. As an example, grass makes its own sustenance from sunshine.

Secondly, What is food chain Class 3?

A food chain is a series of actions in which one creature consumes another and passes the energy along. The sequence of events in an ecosystem where energy and nutrients are passed from one creature to another is known as the food chain.

Also, What is a food chain Class 6?

A food chain is a diagram that illustrates how each living thing in a certain ecosystem obtains its nourishment. Consider plants, grasshoppers, shrews, and owls. In the shown food chain, plants use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the photosynthesis process to produce food from sunlight.

People also ask, What is a food chain Class 7?

A food chain is a collection of organisms where each item relies on the one below it for nourishment. The many elements that make up a forest are all interconnected. In the forest, saprotrophs, heterotrophs, and autotrophs are interconnected.

Related Questions and Answers

What is food chain in Class 10?

A food chain is a collection of organisms where each item relies on the one below it for nourishment. A food chain is formed by a number of organisms that participate at different biotic levels. A tropic level is created by each link in the food chain. At the first tropic level are the producers (green plants).

What is a food chain Mcq?

Regardless of whether they are producers or consumers, organisms in a food chain supply nourishment for advancing organisms. Primary consumers like deer get energy from plants that are producers, and these deer then provide energy to secondary consumers like predators. 11.

What is a food chain for kids?

Starting with a plant and ending with an animal, a food chain depicts how various animals consume one another. The food chain for a lion, for instance, may be written as follows: grass —> zebra —> lion. The zebra consumes grass before being eaten by the lion.

What is food chain BYJU’s?

A food chain describes which creature in the ecosystem consumes another. The food chain is a succession of living things that transmits nutrients and energy from one creature to the next. When one organism ingests another, this happens.

What is a food chain first grade?

9:3210:49 Decomposers consume deceased animals, delivering nutrients to the soil to aid farmers. More Decomposers consume deceased animals, delivering nutrients to the soil to aid farmers.

What is class 2 food chain?

The flow of food energy from plants to animals and ultimately to additional animals is known as a food chain. The majority of food chains begin with green plants that produce food using solar energy. After one animal consumes the plant, another animal consumes the first animal. Producers are the green plants at the top of a food chain.

What is food chain and food web in biology?

Who eats whom is shown in a food chain. All of the food chains in an ecosystem make into a food web. In the food chain or web, each creature in an ecosystem resides at a certain trophic level. The base of the trophic pyramid is made up of producers, who create their own food via photosynthesis or chemosynthesis.

What is a food chain Class 10 Brainly?

In a food chain, each organism consumes the one above it in the line of succession and serves as a source of food for the organisms above it. This answer was useful to kattyahto8 and 15 other people.

Which one is a correct food chain Mcq?

A food chain is made up of a number of creatures that move energy from producers to primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers via the eating and being eaten processes. The right food chain is fish, then zooplankton, then phytoplankton.

What is the importance of food chain?

Because they display the complex interactions in ecosystems, food chains are significant. They may demonstrate how one creature is reliant on another for survival. Chain restaurants show what transpires when an issue arises and a producer or customer is lost. Communities as a whole may fall apart.

What is producer in food chain?

Food Flow Photosynthesis is the process through which plants produce their own nourishment. They chemically produce their own food using the energy from the sun, water, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and nutrients. They are referred to as producers since they manufacture or generate their own food.

What is 10th producer?

Producers are defined as organisms that create their own sustenance from basic inorganic elements like water and carbon dioxide. Green plants and blue-green algae are two examples. Consumers are the living things that eat the food that producers make. Cows and people are two examples.

How do you write a class 3 food chain?

2:273:26 We participate in certain food chains because cows eat grass and provide us with milk, which we then consume. Humans participate in various food chains; for example, cows eat grass and then produce milk, which we consume. All plants and animals have a position in the natural world.

What is food chain in forest?

The forest food chain includes trees and vegetables at the producer level. The main users of plants, grass, and trees are rats, rabbits, deer, and elephants. The secondary consumers are the fox and the jackal. The tiger and the lion are the ultimate consumers.

What is food web in Brainly?

The natural relationship between food chains and a visual depiction of who eats whom in an ecological community is known as a food web (or food cycle). Consumer-resource system is another term for the food web.

What is the difference between food chain and food web Brainly?

The food web is a connected network of systems at various trophic levels, as opposed to the food chain, which is the process that includes energy transfer from producer by a succession of species with constant consuming or being devoured.

What is food chain explain with example Brainly?

The creatures in the food chain are interdependent, and if the ecology of one organism is destroyed, it will have an impact on the whole food chain. Eagles, birds, worms, and rotting plants are a few examples of a food chain. Eagles are the top predators in this food chain, while lesser birds are the ones that eat worms.

What is a food chain give an example of it answer Class 5?

A food chain is a system in which a tiny animal provides food for a bigger species, which in turn provides food for a larger animal yet. A fly being eaten by a frog, who is subsequently devoured by a bigger animal, is an illustration of a food chain.

Which is a producer?

Any kind of green plant is a producer. By absorbing sunlight and utilizing the energy to create sugar, green plants produce their nourishment. This sugar, also known as glucose, is used by the plant to produce a variety of materials, including wood, leaves, roots, and bark. Examples of producers include trees like the magnificent Oak and the majestic American Beech.

What are secondary consumers?

A carnivore that solely consumes herbivores is a secondary consumer (in the food chain).

Why do all food chain start with plants?

A producer is the first link in any food chain. It is a living thing that produces its own nourishment. Because plants can produce their own food via photosynthesis, the majority of food chains begin with a green plant. A consumer is a living organism that consumes other plants and animals.


Food chains are a way in which energy is transferred from one organism to another. They are also called food webs, food pyramids and food chains. The most important part of the chain is the top predator, where it eats smaller organisms that eat smaller organisms until it gets to plants at the bottom of the chain.

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The “animal food chain” is an important part of the ecosystem. It is a system that starts with plants, and ends with animals. The food chain can be disrupted by predators that eat other animals.

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